Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Samsung IP-830W Errors

With increasing frequency, I have started to receive some disturbing error messages from my Samsung IP-830w. I thought this would be a good forum to try to keep track of them. This entry will be updated from time to time with new messages I receive. It is not my intent to disparage the name of Sprint nor Samsung, just to point out the interesting messages displayed by this phone.

  • March 06, 2007 -- CDMAdsatcmdp.c 806 Out of memory DS

  • April 03, 2007 -- CDMAhdrutil.c 1048 Failed write item to NV HDRMC

  • May 29, 2007 -- (This is not an error message, but a phone defect.) I changed the phone from ring mode to vibrate mode and left it alone. When I received a new message, the phone started vibrating and would not stop. Switching the phone back to ring mode, playing with settings, sliding the phone open and closed, and even turning the cellular radio on and off would not turn the vibrating off. Pulling down the little switch to turn the screen off did momentarily stop the vibrating. (It resumed immediately when turning the screen back on.) The only way to resolve the issue was to soft reset the phone.


Kenneth said...

I have been recently receiving this: Phone Fatal
CDMAhdrutil.c 1048 Failed write item to NV HDRMC

Have you been able to resolve this?

Tom said...

Hi Kenneth:
I just got my IP-830w and have the same error message. It started happening after I performed a Sync using ActiveSync 4.2 (and 4.5 at the suggestion of Sprint Tech support.)
We tried an experiment. If you perform a Phone Reset, which basically reformats everything, the error does not occur, but you are not "sync'd" with Outlook. I am still investigating different versions of ActiveSync to see if that has any impact. Also, I'm looking for any updates to Windows Mobile 5 that might help resolve this...
Note - once you get this error, you should do a soft reset, otherwise your battery will run down very fast and/or your phone may stop responding.


info said...

I am receiving the "CDMAdsatcmdp.c 806 Out of memory" error as well. I found that after clicking the OK icon and immediatly going to the memory manager, it showed that I plenty of memory available.

I tried doing a hard reset, but set up activesync with my exchange server shortly after. The same error is still happening.

Next step for me is a new phone, same model. See if it is a defect with this version.

Also, I agree with Tom. If you do not reset the phone shortly after getting the error, the battery is quickly drained and actually heats up the phone to the point that the battery cover seems very warm.