Friday, March 16, 2007

Quick Hitter: Navigating Windows Folder via ActiveSync

Annoyed because the \Windows folder can't be viewed when trying to "Explore" a Windows Mobile device using Microsoft ActiveSync? Well, actually it can. Where the setting to change that behavior is though is fairly counterintuitive. In order to be able to see the \Windows folder on a Windows Mobile device, the Windows Explorer folder options of the machine ActiveSync is running on are what need to be changed.

Image 1 - \Windows folder not visible through ActiveSync

On the window displayed in Image 1, from the main menu select Tools-->Folder Options. Switch from the General tab to the View tab located at the top of the Folder Options dialog window. In the "Advanced Settings" area, there will be an option under "Files and Folders" named "Hidden files and folders".

Image 2 - Folder Options dialog with Hidden files and folders highlighted

Change the "Hidden files and folders" value from "Do not show hidden files and folders" to "Show hidden files and folders". Click the "Apply" button and then click the "OK" button to close the dialog window. The explorer window should now display and allow access to the \Windows folder.

Image 3 - \Windows folder visible through ActiveSync

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